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Weekly Update: Strong Towns, Bike Summit, Working Bikes

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on October 10, 2022

All, Big week of events! On Tuesday, Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns is speaking at the Illinois Terminal and I’ll attend to see how our work as bike advocates and a non-profit can help bolster a strong and vibrant community. And Wednesday is the Illinois Bike Summit at the I-hotel. I’ll be there all day and reducing hours at the Bike Center to account for that. Accordingly, we’ll be open 4 – 6p on that day. I never fail to learn something at this yearly event and am happy to see it back here on campus.

I’ll be counting/organizing bikes for donation as well this week. Hope to have the Donation Day set by end of the week and so we can begin rallying for some support/help. WB has already agreed to pay for Manolo’s!

The numbers:

Visitors: 51

Sales: $1,214.50

Memberships: 17 for $510
Tire/tubes: 8 for $94


Jacob Benjamin
Campus Bike Center Coordinator