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Projects Updates for EEPs – Energy Efficiency Grants

  1. FY14 grants completed

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    The Energy Efficiency Program (EEPs) grants from DCEO were completed this year. 

    Grant                    UIeRA                   Title                                       DCEO #                 CFOP                                                     Amount

    D6606                    2013-03953         Campus-Gas                      13-290004            1-595061-518002-191200               $670,353.00

    D6605                    2013-05653         Campus-Electric                13-410005            1-595060-518002-191200               $1,429,082.00

    D6604                    2013-03954         VetMed-Gas                      13-290004            1-595059-518002-191200               $537,743.70

    D6603                    2013-05862         VetMed-Electric               13-410004            1-595058-518002-191200               $339,109.11

  2. Paul Foote starts working on Lighting Retrofit grant preapplication

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    Today, Paul Foote met with Eva Sweeney and Morgan Johnston to begin the pre-application process for the Lighting Retrofit DCEO grant application.  After submitting a pre-application, the UI grant and contracts office will allow us to request an Anticipation Account.  The anticipation account can be used to fund retrofits directly using the anticipated grant incentives.  This grant has a bonus for work completed by Halloween and a smaller bonus for work completed by Valentine's Day.

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