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Projects Updates for Compost at Illini Union

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  1. Compost at Illini Union meeting 9-20-22

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    On 9-20-22, representatives from Urbana, Union, iSEE, and F&S gathered to discuss piloting a formal compost program at the Illini Union. Attendees included Scott Tess, Kevin Sanderson, Dave Guth, Meredith Moore, Jennifer Fraterrigo, Stacy Gloss, Daphne Hulse, Dan Hiser, and Pete Varney. Meeting minutes attached.


  2. Stable-to-Soil Enhancer

    Landscape Recycling Center sells the product described below:

    Stable-To-Soil Enhancer
     (Formerly Mushroom Compost)
    Up to 35-Gallon Bags/Containers: $7.25 | Bulk: $36/cubic yd

    Light brown and very fine textured material that can retain manure odor for several weeks

    Made from: Hardwood bark, straw material and horse manure from local stables that is composted into a high-quality finished product.

    Applications: Natural fertilizer for non-food crop landscapes. Excellent source of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). In addition, manure returns organic matter and other nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and sulfur to the soil, building soil fertility and quality.