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Compost at Illini Union (In Progress)

Recent Project Updates

  • 9/27/2022

    On 9-20-22, representatives from Urbana, Union, iSEE, and F&S gathered to discuss piloting a formal compost program at the Illini Union.

  • 3/30/2022

    Landscape Recycling Center sells the product described below:

    Stable-To-Soil Enhancer
     (Formerly Mushroom Compost)
    Up to 35-Gallon Bags/Containers: $7.25 | Bulk: $36/cubic yd


The Illini Union is in the early stages of implementing a pre-consumer waste composting pilot program. Several businesses already participate in a composting program with the City of Urbana Landscape Recycling Center. More information to follow!

No description has been provided yet.

Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Meredith Moore


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