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Annual Report to Deans' Budget Committee (Completed)

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The Office of Sustainability (OS) was charged with communicating and collaborating around
sustainability initiatives for the Urbana‐Champaign campus. The scope of the OS encompasses all facets
of the University’s mission: education, research, and engagement, as well as campus operations. As
such, the OS works closely with many diverse groups to further sustainability. Fortunately, the OS has
developed critical relationships with many to aide in completing its multi‐faceted charge.

The OS has developed and implemented several programs that aid in fostering a culture of sustainability
on campus and in the region. Education programs are designed to integrate sustainability into the
curriculum and provide our future leaders with the tools necessary to address the most critical challenge
of our time. Research programs are intended to facilitate collaborations to discover new innovative
solutions. Many engagement activities are aimed at encouraging members our campus community to
be better stewards of our resources. Others are to learn or share best practices from others in this field.
The OS aids in campus sustainable operations by collaborating with Facilities and Services to implement
projects included in the Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP). Communicating sustainability to our
stakeholders is on‐going, as are efforts to improve those communications and to broaden our
stakeholder base.

Strategic Goals

  • Integrating sustainability into the Curriculum
  • Fostering Sustainability Research
  • Connecting to our Campus and Community
  • Advancing the Sustainability of our Campus
  • Communicating Sustainability

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Stephanie Lage

    Project Leader:

    Pradeep Khanna

    Team Members:

    • Amy Rosenbery