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Consolidate Servers with Virtualization (Ongoing)

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Computer server rooms and data centers take a lot of energy to keep our extensive Information Technology systems running smoothly.  Luckily, technology advancements now allow us to provide the IT infrastructure needed for campus departments with fewer computer units.  The sustainability page from AITS includes this description of Server Virtualization:

"Investing in server and blade virtualization technology where possible, which results in appreciable reduction in cost and number of assets, data center and rack space, cooling, power consumption, and less hardware to recycle at the end of cycle. Virtual machines save on power and space by consolidating physical machines. AITS uses hardware that can host many servers on a single 'real' physical machine. The energy and space savings potential are good for both the environment and the bottom line. As physical servers are approaching their end of useful lifecycle, we work with vendors to move applications to a virtual environment where possible."

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