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Encourage Telecommuting (Ongoing)

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Key Objective


The iCAP 2020 objective 3.4.3 is to "Establish telecommut-ing policies for the campus by FY24." The responsible campus unit for championing this objective is IHR with F&S.

Telecommuting has become a simple and straightforward option.  Many individuals use telecommuting for personal visits with friends in their personal time, using smart phones and the latest internet webcam programs.  With the recent implementation of voice over internet communicating on campus with the Lync system, some employees are using the telecommuting option as an alternative to phone calls for campus colleagues. 

The University needs to continue to encourage telecommuting as an alternative to business travel.  This is most effective for reducing greenhouse gas emissions when the telecommuting replaces entire conferences.  One example of using telecommuting to reduce travel emissions is the fall meeting of the Big Ten Environmental Stewardship Group, which is now handled via video conferencing.

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