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Key Objective: 3.4.3 Telecommuting Policies

The iCAP 2020, objective 3.4.3 is: “Establish telecommuting policies for the campus by FY24.” The responsible campus unit for championing this objective is F&S with the support of IHR. Progress is tracked in the iCAP Portal project page for Encourage Telecommuting.

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COVID-19 shelter-in-place guidelines established telecommuting as not only necessary, but also highly manageable for campus units. We hope to investigate and develop telecommuting options to promote the environmental benefits inherent to this work model.

First, we will discuss potential strategies for employees for whom telecommuting is viable. For remaining employees, we will consider allotting a designated number of days per year to optional telecommuting. Currently, certain organizations in India are considering similar protocols, with 15 days as a suggested starting point. Incentivized solutions (e.g., an encouraged one-day-per-week telecommuting policy) will also be explored.

On May 6, 2020, Chancellor Jones distributed an email message including the following statement: “The timing and the working arrangements of individual employees will not be the same for everyone. This allows our colleges and departments the necessary flexibility to implement their specific plans within parameters outlined by public health officials.”[1] Similarly, we hope to establish guidelines to standardize remote work practices for all employees while allowing for flexibility regarding the specific exercise of these options.

While work-from-home precautions in light of COVID-19 were implemented out of necessity, it is our hope that these practices can continue into the future to meet environmental stewardship goals.


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