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FY11 SSC Bike Parking Upgrades (Completed)

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After the success of the first SSC funded bike parking upgrade, F&S requested additional funding for more bike parking, two air pumps, and partial funding for a bicycle path at Hazelwood from Orchard Downs to the UI Research Park.

The SSC required that the initial locations for the bike parking be selected through a survey process, which was undertaken in spring 2010.  In Fall 2010, the survey results were available, and the project point people worked through the process to evaluate each preferred location, create construction drawings, get the drawings approved by the Architecture Review Committee, and seek cost estimates.  There were a number of approved locations, with designs and estimates.  The bike parking at the Law Building, and the Digital Computer Lab had approved partial funding from their departments, so those locations were installed.

The air pumps were installed in partnership with Urbana, Champaign, and the MTD, so we were able to install Dero Bike Fix-it Stations which included air pumps and useful tools for maintaining your bicycle.

The Hazelwood Bike Path that was intended to clear a simple path from Race Street in Urbana to First Street in Champaign was not approved by ACES for the segment through Crop Sciences.  The Farm Manager was concerned for safety of bicyclists on the pathway and security of the farm machinery and crops.  The SSC funding was then pulled from the Hazelwood path and F&S was instructed to use it on bike parking.

The award from the SSC specifically required installation of bike racks at the Illini Union, and those racks are in process now (June 2012).


The Committee is pleased to inform you that we are recommending to the Office of Sustainability that your
project (to increase the availability of secure bike parking on campus and improve the Hazelwood bike path) receive $36,000 in funding, with the following requirements: 1) that $20,000 will be used to install bike loops on existing concrete or mulch in locations determined by student responses to a campus wide bike survey and approved by the Committee (to be submitted for approval by July 9th, 2010), 2) That one location on mulch be piloted, 3) That $1,500 be used to install an air pump at the Campus Bike Project at Pennsylvania Avenue, 4) That $9,500 be used to provide parking specifically at the Illini Union on permeable concrete (at least 20-25 bike loops) and install an air pump; up to $1,500 of this allocation may be used for the pump 5) That signage for Illini Union parking improvement be approved by the Committee before installation, 6) That all bicycle loops installed bear a decal indicating the Committee’s support of the project, 7) That $5,000 be used for improvements to the bicycle path along Hazelwood Drive, to remove obstacles and install a bicycle crossing at Lincoln Avenue, as well as to install additional signage to increase awareness of the bicycle/foot trail and acknowledge the Committee’s support of the endeavor, 8) That the possibility of adding the trail to the campus map, campus bicycle plan, etc to further increase awareness of the path be investigated, and 9) That all funds provided by the SSC for be expended by September 30th, 2010 and that a final report of all work completed and accounting of funds spent be provided to us by November 15th, 2011. If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact us at

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Project Team

  • Project Leader:

    Morgan Johnston

    Team Members:

    • David Guth
    • Grace Kenney
    • Dan Davis
    • John Rossi


  • Proposed February 15, 2010
    Proposed by Morgan Johnston
    Approved April 2, 2010
    Approved by Suhail Barot