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Indoor Bike Parking (Proposed)

Project History

  • 7/25/2022

    A temporary bike rack (4-looper) was installed in the Bike Cage at ECE on July 25, 2022! A 3-loop and 2-loop bike rack will be purchased in FY23 for ECE. When the new bike racks arrive, the 4-looper will be replaced with the 3- and 2-looper.

  • 3/9/2017

    The iCAP Working Group met and discussed the following agenda items.  Meeting notes are attached.

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The University is exploring options to provide indoor storage for bicycles, both for regular daily use by cyclists, and for long-term storage options for students leaving on break. Currently University policies restrict campus buildings from allowing bicycles indoors, so these efforts will require policy changes as well as physical changes to create a safe and protected space indoors for bicycles. 

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