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Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (Proposed)

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    Interdisciplinary Research Seminar


One of the goals of the Illinois Climate Action Plan is to create a community of scholarship around the Plan. The iCAP suggests developing an interdisciplinary reasearch seminar for graduate students as one way in which this goal can be achieved. Those who take part in the seminar would be exposed to the plan as a whole and would contribute to its evolution and implementation through research.

Graduate students will be required to enroll in a two-semester research seminar. In the first semester, the University would host seven biweekly session that invite on- and off-campus speakers to discuss specific topics realated to the iCAP. These lectures would be open to the entire University community. Between sessions, readings and student-led discussions would coordinate with the topics presented in the lectures. Over the course of the year, students will find a relevant topic, contuct research on it, provide literature for participant discussions, and present intermediate products to the group.

This project intends to help students identify future disertation or thesis topics and funding proposal concepts, and ultimately develop publishable work, while helping to improve and evolve the campus climate plan.