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Local Collaborations through Give Pulse (Proposed)

Recent Project Updates

  • 2/14/2021

    Kate Gardiner and Keilin Jahnke, members of the Engagement SWATeam, have created a channel for iSEE under the GivePulse University of Illinois channel.

Key Objective


The iCAP 2020 objective 7.4 is to "Incorporate sustainability-related problem solving in the GivePulse system for public engagement, and track local collaborations for sustainable solutions. Increase local collaborations by 10% per year from FY22 to FY24." The responsible campus unit for championing this objective is iSEE.


We aim to introduce co-curricular sus-tainability partnerships between students and community groups with an emphasis on de-veloping problem-solving skills and design thinking strategies. These tools are valuable in many situations and are already integrated into  undergraduate curricula. We believe that pair-ing theoretical training with practical, re-al-world experience strikes the optimal balance for productive collaboration. 

This objective’s key metric is the total num-ber of local collaborative projects. We will track our progress through GivePulse,141 an online platform allowing us to obtain key information regarding which projects are underway, who is participating, and whether each project is suc-cessful. In addition to functioning as a data-base, GivePulse can also match individuals to volunteering opportunities and organizations to interested volunteers, providing many avenues to scale up our impact.

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