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Skip the Bag Campaign (Completed)

Project History

  • 6/30/2016

    Campus currently gives out tens of thousands of single-use plastic bags every year through its retail operations, including more than 50,000 each year at the Illini Union Bookstore alone.


The Student Sustainability Committee funded an effort to decrease the use of single use plastic bags at the Illini Union Bookstore.


According to the facebook page: 

"Students for Environmental Concerns' two groups, Political Action and Sustainable business, are collaborating to reduce single-use plastic bags at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and local businesses.
We hope to raise as much awareness as possible.
Plastic bags have countless detrimental effects to our environment. Just to name a few, plastic bags are non-degradable, account for major part of our landfills, and cause harm to marine life. In the month of January 2016 alone, UIUC bookstore used 36,000 single-use plastic bags.
Our proposed solution is to Skip the Bag at the counter, and just use a reusable bag or backpack.
Already plastic bags have dominated the norm behavior of Americans, so that is why it is so important we take action today. Your individual contribution and support would make a huge difference in our campaign!"

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Project Team

  • Team Members:

    • Anna Tsang
    • Margaret Golden
    • Sohinee Oswal
    • Hannah Gutierrez


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