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Use Carbon Credits to meet Commitments (Proposed)


The 2015 iCAP, chapter 8, objective 4 is, "By FY20, utilize offsets to meet all iCAP emissions targets that have not been met by direct emission reductions."

Once the administrative processes have been established to purchase carbon offsets, and ideally once a robust program of local, mission-linked offsets has been created, the campus would be positioned to use the purchase of carbon offsets to meet any shortfalls in its emission reduction goals in FY20. The first step toward completing this objective could be to identify the anticipated total FY20 emissions if all 2015 iCAP objectives were met.  Then, in FY20, we would buy offsets for the difference between the actual and the anticipated emissions (anticipated, if we meet all the iCAP objectives due in FY20).


The goal of our campus is to meet all iCAP emissions targets, and eventually be carbon-neutral. To keep us on track, in FY20, we may utilize offsets to meet any iCAP emissions targets that have not been met by direct emission reductions.

Although we are prepared to purchase carbon credits to reduce our emission, relying on the purchases is not sustainable. Therefore, carbon offset is not a primary method to meet the emission reduction goal. It’s just a secondary approach to reduce the carbon emissions which can’t be eliminated through behavior and infrastructure changes on campus. We will focus more on the carbon emission reduction, such as clean energy, etc. to meet the objectives, thus making our campus more environmental-friendly and sustainable. 

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  • Proposed October 15, 2015
    Proposed by 2015 iCAP