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Vet Med Miscanthus CHP Boiler (Cancelled)

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The Vet Med Miscanthus Combined Heat and Power Boiler system was envisioned to utilize the energy crops grown from the Energy Farm, to provide power to the Veterinary Medicine buiding complex.  It would also allow researchers to do test burns of various energy crops grown on campus.  However, there were many questions about the project, including the operating program, the field to flame methodology for the energy crops, and the power generation output.  After many discussions and evaluations, campus decided that this project would not meet the goals set.  It would not provide significant amounts of renewable energy generation, and it would not be a long-term solution.  Therefore, the project was ultimately cancelled.


The project will install a 2.3 MMBTU/HR biomass gasification-boiler to produce 2,200 LBM/HR 150 psig-saturated steam in the existing Veterinary Medicine Chiller Plant (VMCP). Additionally, the steam produced will feed an 18kw turbine that will reduce the pressure of the steam, generating electricity and feeding that power to the building. To store 3-4 days worth of biomass, an active bottom silo to be erected adjacent to the VMCP; it will hold 2,750 cubic feet and therefore be no more than 30 feet tall. It will be filled pneumatically from ground level through an 8-inch chute into the top of the biomass storage silo via a forage blower. Chopped miscanthus will be conveyed pneumatically to the surge hopper associated with the biomass boiler. This project is a design, bid, build.

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Morgan Johnston


  • Approved August 4, 2008
    Approved by CCRC
    Cancelled December 17, 2010
    Cancelled by Jack Dempsey


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