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  1. Thanks for Participants

    Hello to some wonderful and amazing people!

    Thank you so very much for participating in the first ever Sustainability Meet and Greet Coffees.  We had 120 different participants, ranging from about 30 to 50 people each day.  The discussions were lively and productive, with a number of new initiatives conceived and discussed.  I would appreciate hearing from each of you about the ideas that you found most interesting and would like to see us pursue.  I would also appreciate getting any feedback about the events, so we can improve for next time.  Please email me directly with any suggestions and ideas you would like to share.

    At the end of the today’s coffee, a number of people expressed interest in continuing these discussions.  Gabriel Posluszny suggested we arrange to do regular brown bag lunches, beginning immediately on Tuesday at noon at Café Paradisio.  I am sure these will turn into a regular event of some type, and we will be sure to keep you informed.  Here is the official invitation to the first one.  Gabriel has committed to being the anchor on Tuesday, so I’ve copied him here.

    You are invited!

    • Where: Café Paradisio, southwest corner of Lincoln Avenue and Nevada Street
    • When: Noon on Tuesday, September 3, 2013
    • What: Sustainability Meet and Greet Luncheon
    • Who: Anyone interested in continuing the Coffee discussions
    • Why: To build up the Local Sustainability Community and Culture

    Seeing the enthusiasm and excitement these coffees have built, I’d like to share the complete list of everyone who attended with all 120 of you.  However, that was not the original intention, so please let me know (by next Friday) if you would prefer to not share your contact information with this group.

    Again, thank you so much for spending time with us this week, and I look forward to working with all of you this year.




    Ms. Morgan B. Johnston

    Sustainability Coordinator

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Facilities & Services, 115J PPSB, MC-800

    1501 S. Oak, Champaign, IL 61820



  2. List of Locations

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    David Mischiu and Amy Liu met today to form a very basic list of priority buildings for filler installment. Additionally, they determined which floors for each building would be most useful to have them on. Here is the list, 1 indicating highest priority. 

    1. Undergraduate Library, floors 1 and ground level
    2. Grainger Library, all floors
    3. Ikenberry Commons, floor 1
    4. Armory, floors 1 and 3
    5. Wohlers Hall, floors 1 and 2
    6. Loomis Lab, floors 1 and 2
    7. Siebel Center, basement and floor 1
    8. Natural Resources Building, floors 1 and 2

    They still want to take a look a few more buildings in the quad. Whatever is surveyed from that might not even change the list presented already, but add to how this project could materialize in the future.

  3. Update from Tracy Osby at the Waste Transfer Station

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    The saw dust pan at the PPSB is no longer emptied at the WTS. We are currently emptying it at the Horse and Dairy barns. It is now being diverted from the landfill. Also, the DSC staff that work here at the WTS work hours has been extended to 3:30PM provided we have work for them here to do. This way all the pans with the exception of the compactors from Dining Services and the trash from ORD will be emptied in the south bay here at the WTS.

  4. Phoenix will comply with US Steel requirements

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    -----Original Message-----
    From: Borkowski, Joe []
    Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 2:11 PM
    To: Johnston, Morgan B; Dempsey, John Garrett
    Subject: U.S. Steel use for University solar


    This email is to attest Phoenix Solar will comply with Illinois and Federal Buy American procurement provisions.  For the purpose of clarity, Phoenix Solar will ensure the steel that is used on this system will be procured and manufactured in the United States.

    I look forward to speaking soon.

    Best regards,

    Joe Borkowski

  5. Bicycle Ambassador Program Launching

    Applications are now being accepted for a new Bicycle Ambassador program at the University of Illinois.  Bicycle Ambassadors are bicycling enthusiasts who will promote bicycling for transportation, raise awareness about the rights and responsbilities of cyclists, and foster a postitive bicycle culture on our campus.  Interested students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to sign up to become a Bicycle Ambassador today! 

    Learn more on the Bike Ambassador project page:

  6. Urbana Sustainability Manager, Scott Tess, provides overview of program

    The Urbana Climate Action Plan’s Goal 1: Action 1 calls for creating “programs to encourage businesses to retrofit existing buildings.”  The U-C Kilowatt Crackdown will challenge businesses and property managers to benchmark their buildings’ 2013 energy performance on the free Energy Star Portfolio Manager and then track and improve their energy performance for 2014.  This program may be replicable the following year dependent on participation and future interest.

    Key Phrases

    • • Challenge yourself to cut costs and improve performance.
    • • Fun, easy, convenient, popular.
    • • Pledge today to cut costs and avoid waste.
    • • Leading businesses are joining the Kilowatt Crackdown
    • • Benchmark,  improve, awards

    Driving Participation

    • • Registration/Pledge may be conducted with an online webform and through a postcard mailed back to the City.  Participants could be listed on a website serving as a public commitment.
      • o Building name, address, contact name, phone, and email
    • • Opinion makers may be invited to offer a quote or appear in a video to establish participation as a social norm.
      • o Newscaster, football coach, leading business person
    • • Interns may be trained to provide Energy Star Portfolio Manager support for participants to increase program convenience and actively seek out participants.
    • • Awards for top performers may follow in early 2015.
      • o Certificate for all who submit SEP
      • o Buildings achieving 10 or 20% reduction in EUI
      • o Energy Star Certified
      • o Greatest Percentage EUI reduction
      • o City Bragging Rights Award for most new Energy Star Buildings per capita


    • • ES Div. staff time
    • • Planning Div. staff time
    • • Urbana $2,000 for advertising, printing, awards
    • • Champaign $2,000 for advertising, printing, awards
    • • CCRPC website and registration management
    • • Partner Service Providers’ staff time
      • o IGBA for small and large businesses
    • • Provide basic energy efficiency installations (CFLs, Faucet Aerators, LED Exit Signs, Pre-rinse spray valves) and help businesses attain more incentive dollars and installations through ActOnEnergy programs.
    • • Recruit ‘Energy Specialist’ interns to assist buildings with benchmarking
      • o SEDAC for large businesses
    • • Perform benchmarking for buildings and provide recommendations for improvements
    • • Consider amending qualifying square footage for participating buildings
    • • Recruit ‘Energy Specialist’ interns to assist buildings with benchmarking
      • o Ameren
    • • Business Energy Assessments and Incentives
    • • Funding
    • • Branding
      • o DCEO
    • • Andrea Rice
    • • Promotional Partners
      • o Chamber
      • o UBA
      • o City of Urbana
      • o City of Champaign
      • o News media
      • o EDC


    • • Handbills, advertisements, awards
    • • 25 commercial buildings benchmarked
    • • 15 commercial buildings reduce energy consumption
    • • UPTV video, Smile Politely ad, News-Gazette ad, Facebook promotion
    • • Promotional speaking opportunities with Chamber, UBA, Developer’s Luncheon, CCNet, Green Drinks
    • • 5 earned media in print, web, radio, tv
    • • SEPs and awards


    • • 15 buildings reduce GHG by an average of 20%


    • • July 2013 Determine Ameren role
    • • July 2013 Firm up partner roles, process, and website plan
    • • Aug. 2013 Agree partner roles and process
    • • Sept. 2013 Finish website and printed piece
    • • Sept. 2013 Work with Marketing meeting to promote
    • • Oct. 2013 Invites to Benchmark
    • • Oct. 2013 Invites to lunch and learn
    • • Nov. 2013 Lunch and learn with recorded ESPM 101
    • • Dec. 2013 Lunch and learn with recorded ESPM 201
    • • 2014 Check-ins
    • • Jul. 2014  Data check in
    • • Dec. 2014 Share media advisory templates
    • • Jan. 2015 Invites to share SEPs
    • • Feb. 2015 Invites to awards
    • • Mar. 2015 Awards
    • • Apr. 2015 Follow up with participants on interest


  7. 2014 Bicycle Guide & Map Released

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    Champaign County Bikes, with support from the University of Illinois, the Cities of Champaign and Urbana, and many local area organizations and businesses, has released the 2014 Champaign-Urbana-Savoy Area Bicycle Guide and Map.  

    The Office of the Dean of Students sponsored the printing of 12,000 copies of the map for Campus, which are being distributed to units in August. University staff and student interns worked with CCB to help edit and design the Guide and Map.

  8. Initial Meeting with Campus Parking, Car pool and Sustainability

    The first meeting was held on August 6th to discuss campus public use EV charging station plans.

    It was determined at this time more research into parking enforcement options, types of charging stations to use, and sites available for installation is needed. Follow-up meeting to take place after research findings are completed.

    To this date no method exists to interface from the chargers software to the campus parking enforcement software. 

    See picture below: with this type of charger the enforcement officer could identify that billing is taking place by the Solid lightning bolt on the right as opposed to the one on the left.

  9. Update from Justin Johnston at UI Purchasing

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    Justin Johnston confirmed that the answers to all the State Purchasing Officer's questions have been sent to Steve Rotello, the State Purchasing Officer.  Justin is working to set a meeting with the SPO, Justin, and Morgan Johnston to review the current status of this approval.

  10. Illinois named to the Green College Honor Roll

    The Princeton Review Green College Honor Roll 2014Illinois is pleased to be named to the 2014 Princeton Review Green College Honor Roll.  The Princeton Review tallies information from over 800 schools on sustainability practices and Illinois is one of only 22 to be named to the Honor Roll!

    Criteria for the Green College Honor Roll broadly covers three areas: 1) whether the school’s students have a campus quality of life that is healthy and sustainable, 2) how well the school is preparing its students for employment and citizenship in a world defined by environmental challenges, and 3) the school's overall commitment to environmental issues. The survey includes questions about the school's energy use, recycling, food, buildings, and transportation as well as academic offerings and sustainability-related action plans.

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  11. Update from Bill Krudienier

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    Morgan encouraged Bill to ask the SSC for funding to do the design work for a rainwater harvesting system for the Hartley Gardens.  He said he will talk with Matt Edmonson to get an estimate of the cost for the project, so he is ready to reqeust funding when the SSC call for inquiries goes out this fall.

  12. Update from Bill Krudienier

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    There are native plants throughout the Arboretum and in concentrated paces around the ponds - wetland and mezic.  There is also a prairie just south of the Polinatarium, maintained by John Marlin and volunteers.