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Key Objective: 65. Local Foods

Purchase at least 30% of food from local sources within 100 miles by 2015.

Associated Metric


"The campus will exceed the state local food procurement standards by making more than 30 percent of food purchases from local sources (within 100 miles) by 2015."


Project History

  • 2/19/2024

    All, Most surprisingly, we sold a bike on Friday during the snowy times. Odd timing but if you need a bike, you need a bike! Can’t argue there. Got a new hire in pipeline, gearing up for some warmer weather this week.

  • 2/12/2024

    All, Run of the mill week here. Thanks to Todd for grabbing scrap over the weekend. This week I’ll grab some more bikes from the barn to fix up and/or scrap. Had a few sneaky ones that look good at first glance and are junk in the end.