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3-24-23 Housing + F&S meeting

Posted by Naveen Baarla on March 24, 2023

Attendance: Pete Varney, Shawn Patterson, Dan Hiser, Bryan Johnson, Mark Kuehl, Morgan White Daphne Hulse

1. Squirrels. Housing was scouting areas outdoors and BSWs brought up the concern with squirrels.

1. If we collect food, will the squirrels be an issue?

2. We would only accepted closed, non-perishable foods, but this does not ensure students will follow the guidelines exactly.

3. What do the squirrels do?

1. E38 in front of Campus Rec/Scott Hall, squirrels have been seen eating the wiring. BSWs are concerned that squirrels would eat and break things stored in the storage units.

2. PODS locations for LAR, Allen, & Busey. There are not many great spots outdoors.

  • Potentially: parking spots - in front of Allen, or over by McKinley.
  • Busey: place it on the grass between this area? Not a lot of space.
  • All of the other places suggested, it would work okay to put PODS outdoors.

3. Staff to man the storage containers.

1. If volunteer staff are outdoors to open and close the doors to the PODS, it can allow us to keep the PODS idea and also prevent squirrels from entering.

2. Things don’t really get busy until Wednesday. Maybe do a couple hours of pickup during afternoon on Monday and Tuesday. Start full time on Wednesday. Saturday is the last day. No volunteers on Sunday.

4. Dan & Transportation Co. can provide transportation to the places that can’t have a big pod in them.

1. This would follow our original plan to put gaylords in the halls and have them taken to PPSB.

5. Create certain hours for drop off (volunteers man during these hours). All other hours the PODS are closed.

6. Suggested locations for PODS.

1. 4 spots at IKE (one at each corner)

2. 1 PAR

3. 1 ISR

4. 20 footers.

5. Markup on exactly where those are at, LAR-Busey-Allen would go.

6. Northside of Allen Hall/LAR check with transportation people - Morgan will check and copy Daphne.

7. Daphne to reach out to the Main Library about their food pantry.

1. Thurman in Dining may be able to assist with collection.

2. Group agreed that keeping food collection separate from Dump & Run is best.

8. Daphne’s quotes (for local PODS companies) was close to the estimate that Bryan and Mark found.

1. One company was significantly more expensive, probably because they come from Normal, IL (not in town) and they have extra fuel surcharges, expensive pick up and drop off fees.


2023-03-24 Meeting recording here on google drive.