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3/12 Zero Waste SWATeam Meeting

Posted by Julija Sakutyte on March 12, 2021

Meeting minutes for the Zero Waste SWATeam Meeting on 3/12 are attached. The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  • M. Liberman: NERC Recommendation
    • Is it ready?
    • Do you need support?
  • T. Etchison: Reusable Dining Options Pilot
    • Update?
    • Do you need support?
  • C. Steel: Adopt-A-Highway
    • Update?
    • Do you need support?
    • Are there any alternatives?
    • Can we make a recommendation that iSEE host their own event, which we help facilitate?
  • C. Steel: Composting Program/Urban Canopy
    • Update?
    • Do you need support?
    • Are there alternatives?
    • Can we go a different direction with this local, closed-loop composting program idea?
  • Roundtable Discussion
    • Removal of virgin paper from F&S stores/catalogues
    • Elimination of thermal paper receipts
    • Assessment of third party vendors footprint (single-use plastics, recyclable materials, etc) in the Union.
    • Student Waste Management Educational initiative.
    • Single-use plastics in vending machines.
    • Reuse of Surplus Goods
    • Battery Recycling