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4-7-23 Housing + F&S meeting

Posted by Naveen Baarla on April 7, 2023


1. Alterations to the proposed locations for 20’ containers

1. Removing 1 container at IKE.

2. Determining if planters can be moved at PAR/FAR.

1. Considering the parking lot (F-17) for

2. Quotes for 5 20-foot containers (includes delivery and pick up)

1. MI-BOX: $1,795

2. StowAway: $1,499

3. Paid with a P-Card? Still determining

3. Advertisements

1. 200 paper-sized advertisements for residence hall bulletins

2. Advertisements for Housing’s digital boards - who should this be sent to?

4. Banner

1. Rough draft statement - any suggestions?

2. Keep it evergreen - no dates, no company names, so it can be reused for future years. QR code can change information easily.

3. Include University Housing and F&S logos at the bottom

4. QR codes links to basic description of Dump & Run’s purpose (zero iCAP objective connection), comprehensive list of accepted items, info on bike donation to Campus Bike Center.

1. Hosted on F&S website.

5. Gaylords

1. How many pallet/gaylords fit in a 20’ container?

2. Does F&S have gaylords to contribute?

3. Goodwill can contribute gaylords (take full, bring empty to replace).

6. LAR, Busey-Evans

1. How many boxes will be needed in these lobbies?

2. F&S takes full boxes to PPSB Truck Bay, Goodwill, Salt & Light pick up from there.

7. Volunteers

1. 2 volunteers per storage unit

2. Advertised to:

1. Junior League of Champaign-Urbana

2. Champaign County Forest Preserve

3. Champaign County Master Naturalists

4. Rotary Club of Champaign

8. Food Donations

1. Wesley Food Pantry wanting to discuss logistics.



2023-04-07 recording of the meeting here in google drive.