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5-3-23 Housing + F&S meeting

Posted by Naveen Baarla on May 3, 2023


  • · Shipping container locations - finalize
  • · SDRP
    • o Concern from Housing staff about the location. They say it is blocking the emergency drive to SDRP.
    • o Checking with Stacey DeLorenzo.
    • o Bollards are up in front of the container - must they remain this way? Confirm safety standpoint, and then they can be lowered.
    • o North bollards on Euclid Dr - receiving route schedules from the non-profits
    • o On Friday - non-profits will be dropping of gaylords to each of the containers
  • · F&S will lock and unlock each day
  • · Volunteers
    • o A little over 10% of the volunteer spots are filled.
    • o Crafting an internal message for F&S employees.
    • o Send the crafted message over to Bryan.
  • · Advertising/messaging
    • o Submitted to iNews as a general advertisement for students
    • o Second volunteer message at Eweek, GradLinks