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8-7-23 overview of F&S-specific logistics for tailgate recycling program

Posted by Daphne Hulse on August 7, 2023

Attendance: Shawn Patterson, Dan Hiser, Daphne Hulse

  1. Overview of the tailgate parking map
    1. Planning to execute two tailgate recycling events this semester:
      1. An early game in September, using one roll-off dumpster in Lot 31.
      2. A later game in October or November, potentially expanding to a second roll-off dumpster in Lot 32 (E-14).
    2. All dumpsters will always be staffed by volunteers. A F&S Safety & Compliance tent will be used for the September game.
    3. All dumpsters used will have banners to identify recycling only, as well as yard signs to discourage them from becoming general trash sites.
    4. Dan noted that Lot 31, Lot 32, Lot 33, and Lot 49 are some of the busiest to keep in mind for the future.
  2. Blue bags
    1. DIA parking lot supervisors will hand out blue bags.
    2. F&S will provide the blue bags, with information stapled to each.
    3. What will happen to all the bags left at lots where tailgaters did not drop them off at the roll-off dumpsters?
      1. Blue barrels line all the tailgating lots. They may end up heree.
      2. The F&S frontload truck on Sunday morning pick-up may grab them.
      3. The DIA flat-bed stake truck may pick them up.
      4. In any case, all blue bags will make their way to the south bay of the Waste Transfer Station.
  3. Waste operation from Dan's perspective - Sunday morning
    1. 2 frontload trucks (holding 3yd dumpsters) will have two people walking in front, dumping blue barrels
    2. 1 roll-off truck, that goes to dump the 2 roll-offs at the corner of the horseshoe. Places a new empty roll-off on the east side of Memorial Stadium. Tippers inside Memorial Stadium drop off inside trash into the empty roll-off. This process moves to the west side of Memorial Stadium.
    3. Green recycle truck goes with a crew of two people who tip the blue barrels, just as the frontload does (the teams split all the work).
    4. DIA has a flat-bed stake truck used to pick up the blue barrels.
    5. DSC does not work on weekends, so all trash is put into the south bay, and dealt with on Monday morning (in addition to campus' usual trash on Monday). Because of this, not all of the recycling is going to get sorted out. It's too much to deal with at once. They do their best!
  4. Grange Grove
    1. 20 Coca-Cola bins placed here, near entrances to Memorial Stadium. Can have volunteers here who are engaging with passers-by and encouraging them to recycle.
    2. Dan, Shawn, and Daphne will see the bins on Friday 8/11 when they are delivered and determine the best course to dumping them when they are full. Don't know how this will happen currently, as these bins are not tied to a truck type that F&S has. May consult the DIA for assistance.