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Coordinated Rainwater Management Brainstorming Meeting

Posted by Stacy Gloss on October 25, 2021

10/25/2021 11:00 am

Present: Brent Lewis, Betsy Liggett, Lisa Merrifield, Stacy Gloss

Updates from Stacy:

  • Resilience team identified a next step on the iCAP objective review slides: “Resilience team to recommend campus to initiate an engineered rainwater master plan”
  • NGICP training for 4 F&S staff submitted to SSC as step-1 application
  • Stacy attended the GI conference Oct 20

Updates from Lisa and Betsy:

  • Extension receiving funds to create state-wide GI reporting platform, working with NCSA
  • Lisa is hiring an Academic Hourly intern to work through summer 2022 for the biodiversity plan - this work is complementary to coordinated rainwater management plans and so this staff person may be able to work on planning objectives for coordinated rainwater management plans.
  • Lisa is recruiting someone with planning / engineering background to work on GI or biodiversity this summer.

Coordinated Rainwater Plan

We discussed the fit for Extension to be involved in coordinating rainwater management plans for our urbanized areas and campus. We brainstormed ideas on how coordination can take place, who should be involved, and started thinking about special topics to address.

Green Infrastructure Mapping

Work together with Extension and NCSA on the GI platform for Illinois. This work is starting soon.

Next Steps

  • Follow up and plan to meet in December or January.   
  • Define rainwater management plan 
  • Define objectives for a rainwater management plan
  • Describe process for achieving those objectives
  • Attend planning meetings with Extension on GI platform & mapping