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December 2nd, 2016 Meeting

Posted by Joshua Feldman on December 2, 2016

Meeting Minutes 12-02-16

-          Lily Wilcox proposes new recommendation to build bike parking cages in new parking decks. Proposal was submitted to iCap Working Group

-          Concerns:

o   Will faculty really use this? Most faculty drive to campus; will they use bikes to get from building to building?

o   Price is $100 per semester per bike. Price seems too high, and we’re not sure it is worth it for a cheap bike. Also, we are not sure if students would be willing to pay that much. We must look at what pricing options we can come up with.

-          Benefits:

o   Overall, proposal was very well received by team.

o   Other universities, such as the University of Wisconsin, have similar bike parking and Lily says they are happy with it.

o   A survey showed that there is some student interest in $25 permit student pricing.

o   This would help the problem of abandoned bikes on campus.

-          Other Comments:

o   This proposal would focus on new parking decks being built, but it would also be possible to retrofit old ones.

o   Having shower rooms in the new parking decks would help so people do not have to be sweaty after riding their bike.


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