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Discussion about updating iCAP recommendations - February 21, 2024

Posted by Michael McKelvey on February 21, 2024

Miriam Keep, Sarthak Prasad, Christina Tran, and Michael McKelvey met to discuss a proposed structure for updating iCAP recommendations.


  • Discussed structure outlined in iCAP Portal Admin Meeting - February 2, 2024 under Discussion/Decisions section plus attached file
  • Christina walked through the Figma Recommendations mockup she created, showing the workflow of the current approach and the proposed new approach. Notable changes:
    • Remove duplication of effort by providing only one place to enter information about a new Recommendation status
    • Once basic structure is in place, adding new Recommendation updates will require minimal extra work
    • Current Recommendation status and history can be automatically shown in multiple places across the iCAP Portal, either for individual Recommendations or all Recommendations under a Team


  • Miriam requested a "Next Steps" text field on Project Updates (in the Recommendations tab), visible only to people with iCAP roles (i.e. clerk and above)
  • Discussed using Tasks section in Project Updates to keep track of pending tasks related to Project Updates (especially helpful for Recommendations). Pending Tasks are Project Updates which have a due date and no completion date. See Pending Tasks page.


  • Propose allowing a Team to have no associated Theme. This currently only impacts the iWG Recommendations Team, since there is no Implementation theme.
  • Propose removing "Recommendations Summary" projects associated with each team (e.g. Resilience iCAP Team Recommendations Summary). The need for those projects will be supplanted by the automatically generated page for each team.