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iCAP Portal Admin Meeting - February 2, 2024

Posted by Michael McKelvey on January 25, 2024



  • Discussed the idea of creating a new content type called "iCAP Recommendations" to pull together information about a Recommendation. This idea has merit, but our discussion yielded perhaps an even better approach. Project Updates are already being used for this purpose, and could potentially be augmented to provide the functionality we want, as follows:
    • Create a tag called "iCAP Team" with the following fields:
      • Title [e.g. "Energy", "ECBS", "eGen", "Transportation", etc.]
      • Description
      • iCAP Theme (associate this team with one of our 10 themes) [e.g. "Energy", "Transportation", etc.]
    • Create a tag called "iCAP Recommendation" with the following fields:
      • Title [e.g. "Energy001 Anaerobic Digester Feasibility Study", "ECONS001 Conservation Budget", "EGen001 Wind PPA", "Trans001 TEM_DMI"]
      • Description
      • iCAP Team (associate this recommendation to an iCAP Team) [e.g. "Energy", "ECBS", "eGen", "Transportation", etc.]
      • Supplanted by (associate this recommendation with another iCAP Recommendation)
    • Add the following optional fields to Project Updates:
      • iCAP Recommendation (associate this update to an iCAP Recommendation) [e.g. "Energy001 Anaerobic Digester Feasibility Study", "ECONS001 Conservation Budget", "EGen001 Wind PPA", "Trans001 TEM_DMI"]
      • Recommendation Status (e.g. Submitted, Transmitted, Withdrawn, Accepted by campus unit, Implementation in Progress, Implementation Complete, Accepted, Implementation Stalled, Returned, Denied/Declined)
      • Recommendation Date (only necessary if we need to allow it to be different from the date of this Project Update)
    • So the basic information structure would be:
      • Theme pages can show a listing of iCAP Recommendations (w/statuses) for the iCAP Teams associated with that theme
      • An iCAP Team can show a listing of iCAP Recommendations (w/statuses) associated with it, as well as a link to the Theme it's associated with
      • An iCAP Recommendation can show a listing of associated projects updates (with statuses & dates), as well as a link to the iCAP Team it's associated with, the Theme that team is associated with, and all the Projects its associated Project Updates are associated with.
      • A Project Update can show a link to the iCAP Recommendation it's associated with, as well as its status and date, along with the other information a Project Update usually shows.
      • A Project can show the iCAP Recommendations associated with that project, as well as their statuses (this information is obtained by looking up info from the iCAP Recommendation for each Project Update w/recommendation info filled out that's associated with this project)
      • We can offer a general listing of all recommendations which can be searched and/or filtered by Theme, iCAP Team, Project, etc.
    • Questions:
      • What about the Implementation Chapter on the iWG page? There's no Implementation theme, so what Theme would we associate it with?
    • See Discussion about updating iCAP recommendations - February 21, 2024 for additional information.