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ECONS007 Energy Conservation Funding 2018 - Returned to SWATeam

Posted by Morgan White on September 19, 2018

After the iWG meeting on September 17, 2018, Dr. Cai sent the following response to the SWATeam regarding ECONS007:

Dear ECBS SWATeam,

Thank you for your strong commitment to campus sustainability.  The iCAP Working Group met on Monday this week and discussed the ECONS007 Recommendation (

We invited Josh Whitson and Kent Reifsteck to speak with us, and there was a good discussion about the benefits and usefulness of Energy Performance Contracting.  However, the iWG decided that there is not an actionable next step in this recommendation, as it currently stands.  We strongly support campus funding for energy conservation, so we are returning this recommendation to your team for further information.  For example, where do you recommend the suggested funding come from?  Also, are there specific projects identified for the funds in the first year? How will those projects coordinate with other efforts for dealing with deferred maintenance?   The iWG members are willing to discuss this issue with you and Kent’s team further, to strategize ideas. 

Please let us know if you would like to arrange a meeting with your SWATeam and members of the iWG.

Thank you,

Ximing Cai

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