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F&S meets with North American to discuss green cleaning practices

Posted by Naveen Baarla on September 15, 2022

Good morning Eric, Molly, and Zach,


I hope this message finds your team well. I wanted to follow up with you after the presentation from last week and make sure that you have my contact information going forward, since I joined the Facilities & Services team so recently. I was very excited to see the zero waste pillar included in so many of the solutions you presented, especially regarding the green cleaning chemicals.


One of the projects that the F&S waste management interns and I have been working on the past few weeks is finding chemical alternatives for all the cleaning products that BSWs currently use that would satisfy the requirements for WELL and LEED certifications. This has proven to be challenging, as no single brand we researched had a comprehensive program to address all our needs. After hearing about the WAXIE green cleaning program, I am interested in continuing the conversation about this! I’d love to learn more about what products North American would recommend for the university.


Thank you,


Daphne Hulse (she/her)
Facilities & Services | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
+1 (217) 333-7550 |



Thank you Daphne for your email, and it was great meeting you last week!


Pete and Macie made it very apparent how important Zero Waste is to the university, so I am sure you have the university’s complete support in your efforts.


I was telling Macie in a separate email chain that I am working on next steps with CIF, Can Liners, Robotics, and we can also continue the chemical conversation as it relates to Waxie Solsta.


I am attaching a product sheet that shares which solutions the system has that are third party registered and what those certifications are (review pages 28-29). These are just the products that are in the dilution control system, which means they would do 90% of the daily cleaning for the buildings.


When we come down next week, we can dive in a little deeper and develop a list of chemicals to trial.


Thank you everyone!