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Projects Updates for Green Cleaning Products and Practices

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  1. UIUC works with Ecolab to transition to soap concentrate

    Soap waste is especially prevalent on large campuses and facilities that experience high day-to-day foot traffic. Through North American, UIUC's custodial product vendor, the university is transitioning to Ecolab's soap concentrate. This allows soap dispensers to be refilled rather than tossed and replaced with a single-use dispenser. This choice was made in an effort to address waste reduction practices in the Building Services division of F&S.



    From: Dean, Sean <>
    Sent: Thursday, January 4, 2024 10:43 AM
    To: Varney, Pete <>
    Cc: Walter, Christopher <>;
    Subject: Thank you from Ecolab


    Hello Pete,


    Was a pleasure to meet you yesterday, thank you for the time, especially unannounced!  Look forward to scheduling a formal review once installations are done and your teams have had a chance to acclimate to the concentrated program.  Sending a recent link highlighting a topic from our discussion, environmental responsibility is key guiding principle for all Ecolab businesses.  It’s nice to be recognized for it and perhaps there’s more opportunities for North American, Ecolab, and the University to partner on sustainable initiatives in the future.


    Thanks again,


    Ecolab Honored for Sustainability Initiatives (

    Sean Dean
    Regional AVP Facility Care

    ECOLAB  T 336 207 2732  E

  2. Building Services Specialist Cleaning Program Launched This Semester



    Group photo of building service workers involved in receiving ISSA certification in the Campus Instructional Facility lobby



    Before the start of the fall semester, the F&S Building Services department launched a new Specialist Cleaning Program in five high-usage campus facilities. Almost 40 BSWs underwent professional development and received training certification from the ISSA, a leading organization for the cleaning industry worldwide.

    ISSA professional development at the university will organize detailed cleaning tasks and deliver many benefits of a more systematic approach that transitions from the current zone cleaning setup, where BSWs perform all cleaning tasks within a specified area. Streamlined processes for color-coding will help eliminate the potential for cross-contamination and promote the more efficient utilization of equipment and supplies.

    The pilot buildings are the Campus Instructional Facility, Talbot Laboratory, Grainger Engineering Library Information Center, Lincoln Hall, and the Materials Science and Engineering Building. These high-usage facilities were selected based on the ability to successfully evaluate and replicate the program in other similar facilities moving forward. A list of departmental expectations is available to help further explain key aspects of this initial effort. 

    For questions about the Specialist Cleaning Program and Building Services Transformation Initiative, contact Director of Transportation & Building Services Pete Varney, 217-333-7583.


  3. Can Liner right sizing

    From: Varney, Pete <>
    Sent: Thursday, July 6, 2023 11:49 AM
    To: Hansen, Zach <>; Wallner, Molly <>; Sinn, Macie <>
    Cc: Hulse, Daphne Lauren <>
    Subject: FW: One Does Not Simply...Choose a Product Willy Nilly Every Time  


    Great timing…Can Liners!

    Right sizing needs to be on the sooner rather than later list.


    Thank you,


    (217) 333-7583

  4. F&S adjusts procedures to align with WELL building standards at Sidney Lu Mechanical Engineering Building

    Amy – in preparation for the Damon’s WELL certification please conduct an inventory of all our chemicals in the building that are needed and remove anything that isn’t needed. We may need to see if we can swap out anything for a green certified chemical, but we do have to have SDS printed and on site for the certification.


    We also need up-to-date and complete job sheets for the building.


    Pete W Varney
    Transportation & Building Services
    Facilities & Services
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


  5. F&S, North American, and Essity introduction

    Hi Pete, Macie and Daphne!


    We were excited last week for you to hear more about the Circularity and paper recycling program that Essity has been utilizing in other areas of the world. Bryan from Essity would like to get his colleague, Mike Kapalko, on a call together to discuss this opportunity further with University of Illinois! Daphne, if Pete and Macie haven’t filled you in, this is an opportunity to use current paper recycling on campus and have it be used to create paper product with Essity. We can inch closer to Zero Waste on campus!


    Please let us know if there are dates and times the week of October 31st to set up a Zoom call. Perhaps an hour or so.


    Thanks in advance and we are excited to discuss this in more detail and see what next steps would look like!





  6. Green Cleaning Program Update 10-2022

    According to Dominika Szal, F&S Waste Management Intern, "We have found green alternatives for most of the floor cleaning products as well as some multi-surface/glass cleaning products. We are continuing our search for green alternatives for other types of products such as carpet cleaners, bleach, etc.."

    Here is a link to the WELL Building Standard. 




  7. F&S meets with North American to discuss green cleaning practices

    Good morning Eric, Molly, and Zach,


    I hope this message finds your team well. I wanted to follow up with you after the presentation from last week and make sure that you have my contact information going forward, since I joined the Facilities & Services team so recently. I was very excited to see the zero waste pillar included in so many of the solutions you presented, especially regarding the green cleaning chemicals.


    One of the projects that the F&S waste management interns and I have been working on the past few weeks is finding chemical alternatives for all the cleaning products that BSWs currently use that would satisfy the requirements for WELL and LEED certifications. This has proven to be challenging, as no single brand we researched had a comprehensive program to address all our needs. After hearing about the WAXIE green cleaning program, I am interested in continuing the conversation about this! I’d love to learn more about what products North American would recommend for the university.


    Thank you,


    Daphne Hulse (she/her)
    Facilities & Services | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    +1 (217) 333-7550 |



    Thank you Daphne for your email, and it was great meeting you last week!


    Pete and Macie made it very apparent how important Zero Waste is to the university, so I am sure you have the university’s complete support in your efforts.


    I was telling Macie in a separate email chain that I am working on next steps with CIF, Can Liners, Robotics, and we can also continue the chemical conversation as it relates to Waxie Solsta.


    I am attaching a product sheet that shares which solutions the system has that are third party registered and what those certifications are (review pages 28-29). These are just the products that are in the dilution control system, which means they would do 90% of the daily cleaning for the buildings.


    When we come down next week, we can dive in a little deeper and develop a list of chemicals to trial.


    Thank you everyone!




  8. Update: Green Cleaning Engagement on Campus

    As of October 16, 2021, F&S Building Services does not have a Green Cleaning Certificate. However, this is not preventing F&S from trying to implement sustainable practices. 

    Right now, F&S Building Services is performing green cleaning practices in the Campus Instructional Facility (CIF) and the new addition to the iHotel Conference Center. This is being done by aligning practices with green cleaning standards to the best ability possible.

    Moving forward, the university is transitioning towards having Housing implement its own green cleaning process. However, efforts are currently delayed due to COVID-19 and ongoing staffing concerns.

  9. 2020 iCAP October Final Objectives: Zero Waste SWATeam

    Attached is the final draft of the recommended 2020 iCAP objectives from the Zero Waste SWATeam. 

    Any meeting minutes from October 2019 or November 2019 may reference the following categories: 

    • Food waste: Reducing & Diverting Food Waste
    • Education
    • Purchasing
    • Increasing Recycling Rates
    • Reducing Consumption
    • Increasing Reuse Rates
    • Source Reduction
    • Builsing Cleaning and Maintenance

    There will be a revised version by the end of the 2019 Fall Semester after iWG gives feedback for the SWATeams to revise.

    Attached Files: