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F&S, North American, and Essity introduction

Posted by Naveen Baarla on October 18, 2022

Hi Pete, Macie and Daphne!


We were excited last week for you to hear more about the Circularity and paper recycling program that Essity has been utilizing in other areas of the world. Bryan from Essity would like to get his colleague, Mike Kapalko, on a call together to discuss this opportunity further with University of Illinois! Daphne, if Pete and Macie haven’t filled you in, this is an opportunity to use current paper recycling on campus and have it be used to create paper product with Essity. We can inch closer to Zero Waste on campus!


Please let us know if there are dates and times the week of October 31st to set up a Zoom call. Perhaps an hour or so.


Thanks in advance and we are excited to discuss this in more detail and see what next steps would look like!