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iCAP Portal Admin Meeting - September 29, 2023

Posted by Michael McKelvey on September 28, 2023



  • Question about a TODO: "Collections page: Add image upload option". At a previous meeting we had this TODO, but what was the context? Was it to have a thumbnail for each Collection? Or a banner image? Or an image gallery?
  • Should we link to "Take Action" project from homepage?
    • Replace map link in Highlights?
    • Need to finish Take Action page content
  • SSC projects
    • May want to use this Archive of Funded Projects on old SSC site (2019) as a reference for showing SSC project info
    • Discussed using iCAP Portal projects for SSC projects page vs. maintaining own project pages directly on SSC website.
    • One possible challenge - SSC sometimes funds part of a project or provides funding for a period of time (e.g. 1 year) for a longer-term project, so only the project updates for that period of time are relevant, not all updates in perpetuity. How do we handle that?
    • Decided to start with map embed from Student Sustainability Committee Funded Projects collection, then look at adding card-based project embed as well.
  • Continue discussion of Fancy Page Layout (see the 4 mockups in the October 21, 2022 meeting notes)
  • Continue discussion of improving site's aesthetics
  • Archiving projects
    • Add "Archived" checkbox?
    • Add "Archived" to Visibility options?
    • Add "Archived" to Project Status options? (probably not - this mixes the status of the project itself with whether we still want it to show up on the site)
    • Remove from nested listings, still publicly available?


  • Main map:
    • Start with only Campus Tour locations shown (for now, start with Reporting Progress theme)
    • See CSU's campus map (Sustainability section) for inspiration
    • Smaller markers - working for Themes, not yet for Collections
    • Campus boundary, like ArcGIS Bicycle Map
    • Improve mobile filter?
    • Add "clear filters" option to show initial collection of projects
    • Add Full Screen option
    • Show only publicly visible Collections
  • Homepage has extra padding on right side on mobile
  • SSC project embedding: add category filtering options
  • (long term goal) look into importing information from another source, e.g. SSC students without iCAP Portal access can put together info in a structured format for automatic import into iCAP Portal
  • Look into Collection embedding again, à la Drawdown Solutions Library Sammy had found ("Filter by sector or area of action" section)
  • Metric search/display:
    • Theme (via connected Project, i.e. Theme -> Project -> Metric)
    • Most recent updates as of: (list of years) -> can we query Tracking data?
    • (Internal only) Last updated before (list of years) -> can we query Tracking data?
  • (Low Priority) Make column headers click-sortable on Projects by Project Status page
  • Fancy project layout mockups - keep tweaking #3 to improve contrast
  • Discuss metrics
    • Metrics with lots of data
    • Consider how to handle old metrics that no longer track new data. Archive somehow?
    • Fun with math (e.g. combining multiple metrics)
    • Calculated Metrics on Dev site