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iCAP Portal Admin Meeting - September 9, 2022

Posted by Michael McKelvey on September 9, 2022

Michael's updates to the iCAP Portal:

  • Project Creation/Update page: added checkboxes for "Make ____ field collapsible" for each textarea (Description, Background, Conclusion)
  • Project page: added a fallback message when there’s no content in the center column so the right-hand sidebar doesn't show up in the middle (e.g. Reduce Emissions from Travel)
  • Project Header Layout (e.g. LEED Certification project): added padding below header image
  • Theme pages (e.g. Energy theme page)
    • Added padding between Project Hierarchy & Other Projects
    • Moved to live site
  • Set "Standard Project Layout" for all projects w/o a Project Layout already set
  • Started work on advanced project search, see Project Search (DEV)


  • Theme pages (e.g. Energy theme page): make description collapsible (may not want this any more - TBD)
  • Theme pages (e.g. Land and Water theme page): can we put a max height on the images so portrait images aren't enormous?
  • Projects Updates page: make search tips collapsible and put them after fields
  • Project Search (DEV): order of search fields should match table columns
  • Discuss metrics at next meeting
    • Metrics with lots of data
    • Outdated metrics
    • Fun with math (e.g. combining multiple metrics)
  • Show the recent project history of the project Associated with an iCAP Objective on that Objective’s page
  • Review the look of the related files on the Fancy Project Page layout at our next meeting. Right now, it looks like this:
    Screenshot of Related Files and Related Files (Private) listing from a project using Fancy Project Layout