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Illinois Green Infrastructure Inventory Update 5/9/2022

Posted by Stacy Gloss on April 19, 2022

Stacy Gloss attended the Urban Stormwater Working Group meeting on 4/19/22 led by Lisa Merrifield.

Agenda item 1) An Illinois Green Infrastructure Inventory Update was provided.

Key points:

  • Tracking Best Management Practices:  need to know: where, what, how much, and when
  • Detailed information allows for comparison between practices
  • Practices include projects like:  vegetated filter strips, grass swale, infiltration devices, permeable pavement, porous pavement, wetland detention, dry detention, settling basin, bio-swale, grass swale, wet pond, constructed wetland, green roof, weekly street sweeping, native landscaping, stormwater tree, sand filters, settling basin, WQ inlets, wet ponds, infiltration devices, concrete grid  pavement, sand filter/infiltration basin, oil/grit separator etc. Also new construction and retrofit.
  • Next steps: testing data-sets with NCSA

Agenda item 2) meeting participants described their work and current projects.

Update: May 9, 2022

Stacy Gloss and Eliana Brown will attend the September MS4 meeting to describe projects related to capturing green infrastructure project locations and project information to share best practices with the local community. Campus maintains data about about green infrastructure projects on campus. A pilot project is underway to share green infrastructure project data with communities across Illinois.  Eliana Brown is involved in this effort and NCSA is developing a database platform for information sharing.

Stacy Gloss will attend the next MS4 meeting in June also.