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Niharika Kishore sending email to potential facilities

Posted by Morgan White on July 7, 2016

Niharika Kishore will send an email to potential facilities for adding rooftop solar, in support of the 2015 iCAP objective.  The draft email is attached and the list of potential facilities is as follows:

Building Estimated Yearly Output (kWh/yr)
Physical Plant Services Building 791,522
Activities and Recreation Center 725,562
Law Building 395,761
Ikenberry Dining Hall 382,569
Abbott Power Plant 263,841
Digital Computer Library 263,841
Plant Sciences Laboratory 164,900
Timothy J. Nugent Hall 164,900
Institute of Genomic Biology 158,304
Richard T. Ubben Basketball Complex 151,708
Oak Street Library 151,708
Bousfield Hall 145,112
Garage and Carpool 125,324


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