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Task Report for Tushar Kokitkar from 10/3 to 11/15

Posted by Tushar Kokitkar on November 15, 2023

Here is a list of tasks I have worked on and continue to work on:

Tasks completed

  • SSC Application for ‘Shipping containers for bike storage’ (in progress)
    • Drafted and submitted the step 1 application
    • Attended SSC working group meeting
    • Currently working on step 2 application
    • Prepared the site plan and internal layout for the project
  • ‘Learn how to ride a bike’ event:
    • Supervised and helped organizing the event
    • Documented and prepared a report and presentation about the event held on 10/07/2023
  • Events attended:
    • All-Employee Expo and helped set up F&S booth
    • Green Quad day and helped set up Bike at Illinois booth
    • Green Infrastructure and Erosion Control Conference
  • iCAP portal:
    • Read the iCAP 2020 plan
    • Added a project update about the ‘Learn How to Ride a Bike’ event
    • Updated eco-counter metrics on the portal
    • Updated ‘Campus Sustainability Tour’ project
    • Added a new project ‘Sustainability tour on bike’ (in progress)
    • Attended iCAP portal bi-weekly meeting
  • Sustainability Tour on Bike: in progress
    • Created the map showing the route for the tour
  • Documented and prepared a report about the condition of three bike paths within campus.
  • Eco-counters:
    • Collected the data for October 2023 and updated the metrics on iCAP portal
    • Collected the data for November 2023
  • Readings:
    • iCAP 2020
    • Bicycle Facilities Standard
    • 2014 Campus Bike Plan
    • Progress reports of 2019, 2022, and 2023 for the Campus Bike Plan.
    • 2023 Bicycle Friendly University application
    • TDM plan and FY22 TDM plan achievement report
  • Bike racks for Arcade building and Talbot Laboratory:
    • Documented the bike parking area
    • Prepared bike rack layouts on AutoCAD for both the buildings.

Current tasks

  • 2024 campus bike plan draft
  • Working on the SSC step 2 application