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Vision Zero - Final report presentation by Ray and Jacob + meeting recording

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on October 22, 2021

Dr. Ray Benekohal and Jacob Mathew met with Stacey DeLorenzo, Sarthak Prasad, and Stacy Gloss, and they presented the findings from their Vision Zero project in 2020-21. They collected information on campus locations with

  1. Potential problems
  2. Near misses
  3. Collisions

They received more than 500 responses, of which nearly 475 were on campus. They analyzed the crash report data from IDOT from 2014-18, and they also organized two focus group studies.

Please see attached the final presentation and the full report. See the full report from this study online at:

See the meeting recording (45 minute presentation) here:

See the preliminary report shared during CTAC Fall 2020 presentation