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Water007 SeeClickFix - Submittal

Posted by Laura Schultz on May 1, 2019

The WSW SWATeam submitted a recommendation to the iWG, stating: 

"SeeClickFix is an application that is used by citizens of both Champaign and Urbana to report damaged or underperforming infrastructure to their local public works departments for repair. According to this application, 2498 issues were fixed all time in Champaign, and 27 have been resolved in Urbana. In similar fashion, the University has a few options to crowd-source data about infrastructure problems:

1. Facilities and Services (F&S) can set up their own account as the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign through the service to cut out the need to communicate directly with the two cities. This would most likely be the more costly option, but would be quick and require no third-party effort.
2. F&S could collaborate with Champaign and Urbana to receive information about infrastructure problems that fall under the campus’ jurisdiction. This option would likely be cheaper than having a subscription, but cooperation with the cities would be pivotal.
3. Through student-led projects, develop a campus-specific application and database. In this case, spatial data and data about the kind of problem can be incorporated with GIS and would be more readily available to the campus community. Water specific data could be used to determine the optimum locations for green stormwater infrastructure."

See attached the SWATeam recommendation Water007 SeeClickFix complete with comments from WSW SWATeam members.

An iCAP Working Group assessment of this recommendation began on June 7, 2019.