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Weekly Resilience Meeting

Posted by Stacy Gloss on October 15, 2021

Resilience Meeting Notes 10/15/2021 for meeting between Stacy Gloss, Meredith Moore, and Morgan White

  1. We discussed ideas for the Design for America RSO project on Environmental Justice.  Stacy will set up a meeting with D for A RSO students to discuss potential project topics and request a 1/2 page - 1 page project idea back to us for approval/revisions. The project might cover an environmental justice topic and be worked on from now through May. We will request that the complete project be designed to be presented in the late Spring, and the results go beyond educational/informational and lead to an initiative of some kind.
  2. Stacy provided a progress update on Resilience iCAP objectives.
    1. Green Certifications Inventory. Stacy will present this for comment at the next resilience ICAP meeting
    2. NGICP exploration
      1. Stacy will submit SSC proposal to support a pilot program for F&S staff to receive NGICP training at Parkland. The project will evaluate the benefits and decide whether to adopt having more or all campus grounds workers take the training later.
      2. Stacy will request Heidi and Eliana present at a (future proposed) joint meeting of the land/water use and resilience committee about the NGICP program and benefits
    3. Coordinated rainwater planning
      1. Morgan said that she recently had a conversation with a director at Sanitary District who asked for campus to become more involved with watershed management through a watershed working group, which is different than MS4 compliance.  
      2. Morgan also requested that Stacy involve Eliana Brown more in coordinated rainwater planning for future meetings
      3. Stacy will attend the stormwater management organization’s conference on Oct. 20.
    4. Sustainability leadership topics – plan for Stacy to present these at next resilience ICAP meeting
    5. Vision Zero Discussion
      1. Stacy will submit a white paper on next steps for Vision Zero on Campus late next week.
      2. Stacy and Sarthak will meet with a professor who supports / advocates for Vision Zero next week. 
      3. We discussed who would need to be involved for approval and planning of a Traffic Garden, Stacy will report back to Sarthak on this subject.