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Projects Updates for key objective: 5.6 Use Local Food

  1. Update from Thurman

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    Below is an update from Thurman Etchison on the Food Purchases from Local Sources project:

    Work is always being done on this but we are nowhere our goal. It is hard to quantify as our prime vendor does not provide info on this.

  2. iCAP Portal Updates

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    Hi Bryan! 


    I would like to offer a gentle reminder for the iCAP Portal content updates. We would appreciate receiving this information as soon as possible as it allows us to keep the public updated with university & community initiatives.  


    Right now, I am missing updates for the following project(s): 

    • Food Purchases from Local Sources
    • Orchard Downs Community Gardens
    • SDRP Lighting 


    Please let me know if there is any information or assistance that I can provide to complete these! 




  3. Farm to Food Bank survey by ISTC

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    Help ISTC, Feeding Illinois, the Illinois Specialty Growers Association, and the Illinois Farm Bureau by completing the Farm to Food Bank producer survey today.

    The project team is also recruiting participants for a series of virtual focus groups. They seek food producers and distributors, as well as representatives from hunger relief agencies. If you are interested in participating, please contact TAP.

    Farm to Food Bank survey deadline extended, focus groups planned 

    By Joy Scrogum

  4. UIUC recognized for use of Local Foods

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    "The University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign spends 25 percent of its yearly food budget on locally grown or processed food items. Campus dining services also exclusively serve fair trade coffee and almost all seafood is sustainably harvested. The university is also very committed to reducing waste and has enacted efforts to recycle cooking oil for biodiesel production and currently a quarter of the meals served on-campus are trayless."