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Projects Updates for Eco Illini Supermileage

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  1. 18F Semesterly Report - Supermileage

    Last year in competition our new car earner us 12th place with 614mpg. This is much lower than we had hoped for but we have identified our problems and are ready for a much better season. Our biggest issue was we encountered a fuel leak. The leak was not discovered until the last day of competition when it could not be fixed in time. This had a large impact on our fuel economy and kept us from being successful. We also had a bad gear ratio which meant we had to run our engine more than we would have liked to. Finally, we had a lot of issues with our body panels that increased our drag. We have resolved the fuel leak and gear ration, and are redoing some of our body panels to correct this. We hope to bounce pack and break 1000mpg this year.

  2. SSC funds Eco Illini Supermileage

    Eco Illini Supermileage is a Registered Student Organization that designs and builds a prototype gasoline vehicle. Their focus is to make a vehicle as fuel efficient as possible and to compete in competitions such as the Shell Eco Marathon (SEM) and SAE Supermileage. In years past, they have competed in the internal combustion category, the largest category at Shell, but will compete in the electrics categories to improve fuel efficiency. The Shell Eco Marathon competition has been growing every year, with 100 teams from 10 countries and 1,200 students competing last year. The prototype category has few design restrictions to allow students to experiment with extreme fuel efficiency. The winning mileage is around 3,000 mpg each year with the American record being 4,100 mpg. This funding directly contributes to the materials required for the students to build and compete in the SEM.

  3. SSC Grants Funding to Supermileage

    This funding supports the purchase of an engine and other car parts to construct a highly fuel-efficient car. As a resource conservation and transportation project, Eco Illini Supermileage is training its team members and spreading sustainability awareness to students from all majors. Through social media and showcase events, Eco Illini Supermileage engages the CU community. The Eco Illini Supermileage experience springboards students’ career development and automotive innovation after graduation.

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