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Projects Updates for Water Environment Federation (WEF)

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  1. F&S staff met with WEF Design Team leaders

    Xinyu Teng and Ryan Moeller met with F&S sustainable water experts to discuss potential projects for the WEF design challenge this coming spring.  



    Colleen Ruhter, P.E. provided the following resources following the meeting. 


    Thanks everyone for chatting today.

    Here are some great resources for you to look at to get some ideas for stormwater retrofits.



    The MD. Dept of the Env. (MDE) has some really good resources for calculating pollution removal based off of their standard design criteria.  If you guys decide you want to look into pollutant removal rates, I can help with that (as much as I can remember from the 7+ years ago that I worked in MD, anyway).


    If you’re looking for more straightforward quantification (such as volume treated), that should be easier to calculate. 


    Please let me know how I can help any further. 





    Coordinator, Special Programs

  2. Status update from WEF Design Team Co-Captain

    Justin Chen, from the University of Illinois joint student chapter of the Water Enviroment Federation-American Water Works, and the rest of his design team have been hard at work this school year!

    Some project updates via the co-captian:

    • Chose project topic: Green Infrastructure Solutions for Veterinary Medicine Facility Flooding
    • Made team site visit to Vet Med, surveyed areas for potential green infrastructure applications
    • Came up with preliminary ideas on solutions and locations for implementation
    • Conducted research on past green infrastructure projects to establish a base understanding of the options available

    Click here to find out more and how you can become involved with WEF!



  3. Water Environment Federation (WEF) - intro

    A brief introduction to Water Environment Federation - American Water Works Association (WEF-AWWA) Student Chapter UIUC


    We have been involved in organizing events and meetings that orient students towards the water industry. 


    Listed below are some of our past activities:

    1. Organizing regular general meetings with water companies based in Champaign and the Greater Chicago Area.
    2. Organized an annual conference 'Diving Into The Water Industry' featuring presenters from different fields within the water industry.
    3. Organizing office visits for students to water companies and also field visits to local water treatment plants.
    4. Involvement with WEF and its divisional organization Central States Water Environment Association (CSWEA). Every year, we take part in the WEF student design competition. Last year, our project 'Flood Mitigation Strategies for Houston, TX' won the category for Environmental Design and was selected for presentation in WEFTEC 2019, the annual conference of WEF.