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Aquaponics System Demonstration Unit (In Progress)

Project History

  • 11/29/2018
    Last year was spent trying to optimize the use of freshwater shrimp in the system.  After a les
  • 8/13/2018

    The Spring 2018 semesterly report for the aquaponics demonstration submitted to the Student Sustainability Committee.


This project creates an aquaponics system that will work as a demonstrative unit on campus to spread sustainability awareness and illustrate the effectiveness of aquaponics in a small area. The goal of aquaponics is to create a closed ecosystem in which both plants and fish benefit and grow. Aquaponics has the potential to produce large quantities of both vegetables and fish with minimal inputs and nearly no negative outputs. The project teams' desire is to establish a base system from which the possibility to expand exists. This project is student-led and contains an educational element on aquaponics. This proposal is linked to the student sustainability course GCL 127.