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The ongoing initiative to upgrade building energy system controls to Direct Digital Controls (DDC) allows real time energy metering, controlled set-backs, and system scheduling.  This enhances the capability of the Thermal Energy Storage (TES) to shift electrical demand which is currently capable of realizing a 5 MW shift.  An Energy Management Control Center (EMC2) is planned to leverage the enhanced controls to further conserve energy and provide demand response.  Load forecasting and economic asset dispatch will be incorporated with market information to optimize results.  A Utility Production and Distribution Master Plan Project is also underway to further evaluate current strategies with emerging technologies and predicted market trends of various fuel and energy sources.


Control Systems on campus should be upgraded to direct digital controls, which can be monitored and controlled from a single computer center location.  This location has been constructed in the Physical Plant Service Building (PPSB).  These controls allow for demand reduction through strategic controls of HVAC and Electric systems in buildings.

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    Kent Reifsteck