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ECIP Championship Challenge (In Progress)

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Facilities and Services has started an initiative that helps increase awareness of the program ECIP and the iCAP commitment to reduce energy consumption of buildings and create a more sustainable campus. Through the new ECIP Championship Challenge leaders in buildings can:

  •  Sign up to be a part of the ECIP Championship Challenge and get guidance and encouragement from campus sustainability leaders to reduce consumption
  •  Get connected with a student sustainability representative in the building to engage the student body
    • In Lincoln Hall, because students/faculty left the windows open when they left the classrooms, the inefficient heating system had to be constantly on, which resulted in a high usage of thermal units and utility cost. Leaders of the building launched an initiative to inform residents on the consequences of leaving the windows open.
    • create building’s *energy report-card for each semester to show how effective/ineffective their measures have been and where to allocate funds to reduce cost and consumption
    • publicize positive achievements to the student group and to the rest of the building to encourage active participation to achieve iCAP goals.
  •  Get access to the online ECIP pledge system, where students, faculty, and staff can pledge to be an active sustainability advocate on behalf of your building
  • Receive recognition for their representatives’ efforts at the Campus Sustainability Celebration each October
    • hand out plaques to the college with the most ECIP signees, building with the most reduction in energy/water, most participation, etc. as well as certifications for the student sustainability representatives. 
  • Earn the ECIP Championship award and become part of the growing number of ECIP award winning buildings who have already made a substantial impact on energy and water consumption.


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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Halie Collins

    Project Leader:

    Morgan White