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Green Your Dorm (Proposed)


Green Your Dorm will be a month long competition held at LAR. We are aiming to get students especially in the Sustainability LLC to participate. During February, there will first be a week in which participants will receive a checklist of ways to "certify" their room. These include things such as putting in CFL bulbs and adding a recycling bin. After a week, rooms will be reviewed and can get certified. From then on out, there will be weekly challenges and ways to earn points for continuing to live "green" and having a green dorm. Each team (one dorm room, two people) can earn points to win prizes and there will hopefully be a website where participants can view current standings and read posts about the competition.

Overall, Green Your Dorm is an effort to help students realize the impact they have and how they can change their living in simple ways to be more sustainable in the long term.

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    USGBC Projects Chair

    Project Leader:

    Alex Knicker