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Illini Union Revolving Loan Pool (Ongoing)

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The Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) and the Illini Union collaborate on sustainability projects that take place at the Illini Union, through the Illini Union Revolving Loan Pool. 

The completion of such projects will improve the sustainability of the campus, establish the Illini Union as a leader amoung campus facilities in sustainability, reduce its operating costs, and create a model for other facilities and departments at the University of Illinois.  Funding is provided equally by the SSC and the Union.  Savings from the projects (credited at fully loaded utility rates) and any DCEO rebates are returned to the Pool, to be used on future sustainability projects by the Illini Union.  The program started when approved in August 2011, and was originally intended to last for five years, from FY12 to FY16. 

The Pool is administered by a sustainability committee internal to the Illini Union.  Student representatives, including one from the SSC appointed by the SSC Chair and one from the Illini Union Board appointed by the President of the Board will be included as members to this committee.

The Union RLF can only be used to improve sustainability inside Union. The Union RLF is not growing and will be analyzed and evaluated to estimate the cash flow for the first five years, from 2011 to 2016.

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  • Primary Contact:

    David Guth


  • Approved August 15, 2011
    Approved by Ed Slazinik


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