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Projects Updates for Illini Union Revolving Loan Pool

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  1. Proposal for Kitchen Exhaust Hoods project

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    Marika and Amy,

    We would like to schedule a meeting with you to review a proposed project under the Illini Union/Student Sustainability revolving fund.  Please share your availability for the next two weeks so that we can identify a time for the key stakeholders to meet for one hour.

    As you may already know, the IU/SSC revolving fund already has $400,000 of contributions from the past 2 fiscal years, with the Illini Union and SSC contributing $100K per year to the fund.  Another combined installment of $200K is due at the end of this fiscal year.

    The proposed project we would like to review with you adds digital demand control to all of the food service hoods in the lower level food court and exhaust fans in the lower level of the Illini Union.  This will lower our loss of conditioned air from the building significantly as well as our associated utilities.  The calculated payback is 2.2 years.

    Illini Union, working with Facilities & Services, has already completed a feasibility study and HVAC report for the Illini Union lower level hoods and exhaust fans with SSC concurrence.  We propose proceeding with design on the project before the end of the fiscal year.  Our intent would be to be in construction for Summer 2015, likely in a phased manner.  This would require two sets of funding commitments, but is necessary to execute the project.

    Please find the feasibility report attached for reference and do not hesitate to contact me regarding the project or meeting schedule.

    Best regards,

    David C. Guth

    Assistant Director for Facilities

    The Illini Union

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  2. SSC allocated funds to Pool

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    SSC allocated $100,000 to the Illini Union Revolving Loan Pool.


    1 2012 07   629514 236000 411005 191200 236IUS Illini Union Sustainability