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Sustainable Campus Environment Fee (Ongoing)


In Spring 2007, a $5 per semester refundable student fee for a Sustainable Campus Environment was approved by referendum of the student body by the Board of Trustees. This fee finances initiatives such as green buildings, engagement of the university community, recycling, energy efficiency, and environmentally responsible purchasing in order to create a more sustainable campus environment.

In Spring 2010, students passed a referendum that raised the Sustainable Campus Environment Fee from $5 to $14. The measure passed by 77% approval and established University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as having the largest sustainability funding pool of its kind in the United States.

In Spring 2012, university administration changed the Student Code and transitioned all refundable fees to non-refundable fees, lowering the total refundable fee amount from $69 to $60 per student per semester. This impacts the Sustainable Campus Environment Fee taking it from $14/semester to $12.06. Annual revenue still remains above $1 million with this change.

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  • Proposed October 1, 2007