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Projects by Project Status

You can filter projects by Primary Theme and Project Status
(Tip: to find projects with no status, select "Is empty (NULL)" and any Project Status)

  • Proposed: The project is proposed by any committee or a group but has not been approved, or the work on this project has not started.
  • In Progress: Work has started or the project is a recurring effort (e.g., “energy conservation projects”). These should get a project update at least once per semester.
  • Ongoing: Ongoing projects do not necessarily require updates except if there is a change or additional effort needed.
  • Completed: Work is complete and the results are achieved, or the project effort has been finished.
  • Cancelled: Project did not finish and efforts have stopped.
Title Status Theme
Geothermal at President's House - Study In Progress Energy
Geothermal at WPP In Progress Energy
Geothermal Battery at Energy Farm In Progress Energy
Geothermal: Thermo-Hydraulic Properties of Glacial Tills In Progress Research
Grainger Engineering Microreactor In Progress Energy
Green Cleaning Products and Practices In Progress Zero Waste
Green Food Truck Certification In Progress Resilience
Green Jobs In Progress Resilience
Green Restaurant Certification In Progress Reporting Progress
Green Roof on Altgeld Hall In Progress Land and Water
Green Roof on Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics Building (formerly called Foreign Language Building) In Progress Land and Water
Green Sports Alliance (GSA) In Progress Engagement
Greenways and Trails In Progress Resilience
iCAP 2020: Illinois Climate Action Plan In Progress Reporting Progress
Illini EcoConcept In Progress Engagement
Illini Urban Farmers Hydroponics System In Progress Zero Waste
Illinois Biodiesel Initiative (IBI) In Progress Engagement
Implement Resilient Landscape Strategy In Progress Land and Water
Improve Reporting and Metrics for Bicycles In Progress Transportation
Increase Number of Trees In Progress Land and Water
Indoor Bin Update In Progress Zero Waste
Install Appropriate Waste Collection Infrastructure In Progress Zero Waste
Integrating Groundwater Resources and Geothermal Energy for Water-Energy Security and Resilience In Progress Research
Inventory and Benchmark Existing Landscape Performance In Progress Land and Water
I-PLACES Living Laboratory In Progress Research