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  1. EPS recycling at Dart; Departments to arrange transportation of materials

    In July 2017, the vendor with whom the UIUC campus had partnered for EPS recycling was purchased by another vendor that was not able to continue the partnership. Central funding for transporting EPS to drop-off locations ended. Departments that had been participating in the Styrecycle program will be notified of the changed circumstances and will be encouraged to arrange their own transporation of EPS to the drop-off location at Dart Container, 1505 E. Main St., Urbana. There is no charge to drop off EPS at Dart. F&S is exploring options to provide an EPS recycling location on campus.

  2. Archive of page content, Oct. 15, 2017

    The following content was replaced with new program information on Oct. 15, 2017:


    The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) now recycles expanded polystyrene (EPS), more commonly known by its brand name Styrofoam. By recycling this bulky material, we can reduce the volume of waste sent from campus to landfills and avoid the harmful environmental impacts of that practice.

    The Styrecycle program was started in Fall 2015 and partnered with Community Resource Inc. (CRI) to bring EPS recycling to the UIUC campus. Our program can help you do your part to reduce the volume of waste campus sends to landfill — waste which will never biodegrade.

    To find out more about Styrecycle, you can visit our website at:

    Or Like us on our Facebook page:

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  3. Weekly Update

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    All, nothing major to report last week. Shop was open, people came in, same as usual. I coordinated with Working Bikes for our shipping event that happened yesterday. We packed up 317 bikes to go back to their warehouse in Chicago and then onto South Africa. There are still 67 bikes left that WB said they will return for later this fall. There is also a collection of the good bikes we are saving for ourselves. Those total about 50 or so.

    Our new policy of allowing for free used tubes hasn’t caused any problems. Maybe 5-10 people have taken us up on it. Surprisingly one person insisted on patching despite the free tube. That might change next Spring/Summer. It will also help to expedite peoples’ stand time, as it’s obviously quicker to grab a used tube than mess with patching.

    Tomorrow is the Bike Census. I will be helping Lily with that. I will also be shuttling the good bikes from the warehouse back to CBC and moving some over to the Urbana shop as well. CBC is currently packed to the gills with bikes.

    The numbers:
    Visitors: 91
    Sales (overall): $1,221.50

    Memberships: 11 for $330
    Bikes (refurb): 3 for $555
    Bikes (B-a-B): 0 for $0
    Tires/tubes: 18 for $132


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  4. ECBS SWATeam Meeting Minutes

    The Division of Intercollegiate Athletics (DIA) is looking to become more involved with the SWATeams and sustainability on campus. ECBS proposed ideas such as decreasing refrigerator usage, making a climate action plan specifically for DIA, and promoting recycling at tailgates. Illini Lights Out had their first event on September 29, and it was a success. 284 light switches were turned off in 13 different buildings. The Green Labs Coordinator position is slowly making progress, but there is a concern with funding. Updates on the ECIP were made, and there is a push being made for mid-year checkpoints in the future. ECBS also discussed if AFMFA projects could be redefined in order to do more maintenance-based projects. 

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  5. Weekly Update

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    All, the major news of last week was the Light The Night event. We installed roughly 870 light sets this year! We completely sold out, which is a first for me in the 4 or so years in which I’ve been involved with this event. With it still being warm out, I hope we can get some valuable feedback from people who’re using the lights in regards to which ones they like, how they’re performing, etc.

    Last week was also the Members’ Meeting for the Bike Project wherein it was decided that used tubes will henceforth be free of charge for in-shop repairs. While this will cut into profits, it is a better choice as we do not have the ability to maintain proper quality control with our used tube selection. If a person wants to buy a tube for later use, however, they must still pay for it.

    Late Friday I got a message from Working Bikes in regards to coordinating for emptying the Bike Warehouse. They would like to do the event next Monday (October 9th). I will discuss with the Bike Project and decide if this is doable.

    The numbers:

    Sales (overall): $867.95
    Memberships: 12 for $360

    Bikes (refurbished): 0
    Bikes (Build-a-Bike): 0
    Tires/Tubes: 26 for $180


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager
  6. PWR SWATeam Meeting

    The Purchasing, Waste, and Recycling SWATeam kicked off the semester with a discussion of their past and continuing efforts and proposals, their progress in achieving iCAP objectives, and goals for the upcoming year. They also gave recommendations on the creation of a Division of Intercollegiate Athletics (DIA) Climate Action Plan.

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  7. Transportation SWATeam Meeting

    The Transportation SWATeam had it's first meeting of the year. They discussed progress on the Transportation iCAP objectives, the status of related projects and proposals, and their priorities for the year. The team identified the following three areas on which they plan to focus in the coming meetings: 

    1. Exploring options for offsetting air travel emissions

    2. Pursuing a comprehensive intermodal transit survey (one for students and one for faculty)

    3. Assessing the feasibility of various options to reduce emissions from the campus fleet

    The next meeting is on October 12th.

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  8. Meeting 27 September

    Topics of discussion included the planned water audit and parking lots that could be used for studies related to stormwater runoff. A student in the Sustainability minor planned to work with Rabin Bhattarai on the audit. The EPA Rainworks Project would have potential to redesign Parking Lot F4 because Burnsides Laboratory will be torn down.

  9. Update from Gopal Pareek

    Gopal met with Professor Cheryl L. Cole about her work with the Green Sports Alliance.  She is also a teacher in RST.  He also is working on getting meetings with the SWATeams, to consider how DIA can help with the iCAP objectives. 

    Today, Gopal and Morgan White reviewed the data from the Energy Billing System for each of the DIA facilities, and discussed next steps for finalizing the energy and water reports, and coordinating them into the Building-Level Energy Report Card format.

    We also reviewed the template needs for the report card with Dee Dee Caneva at F&S, to make changes that would simplify the user's experience with the template.

  10. Weekly Update

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    All, The big event for last week was an unruly member who I had to kick out of the shop on Wednesday. Other than that, the week went smoothly.

    Lily and I tabled at the Volunteer Fair in the Union on Tuesday. We got a dozen or so signatures (maybe more?) for general volunteer interest in the Campus Bike Center and help with Light The Night.

    On Wednesday, I got a count of the bikes that we’ll be donating from the Bike Warehouse to Working Bikes. This year a portion of the bikes will be going to Houston to help with hurricane relief. Tally for the bikes was 332, give or take.  I will be coordinating with Working Bikes and Parking this week to finalize a date.

    This week is Light The Night on Tuesday. I will close the shop for the event. The signs for the event were dropped off on Friday.

    The numbers:

    Visitors: 131
    Sales: $1,584.85
    Memberships:  24 for $720
    Bikes (Build-a-Bikes): 2 for $171
    Bikes (Refurbished): 0
    Tires/Tubes: 36 for $196


    • Jake Benjamin
      Campus Bike Center Manager